@ 74,

You are more than entitled to your opinion.

Personally, I think what he writes is solid gold gospel. The only way non-violence works is when everyone in society agrees to the same terms. If they all lay their weapons down, the first guy to pick them back up will have an overwhelming advantage.

“I’m not inclined to apply anything he has written to real life. I know absolutely nothing about the author and searched his name.”

Translation: I don’t know beans about him and, having never read a word of his, I wouldn’t apply anything he has said to a real life situation…

Erm… okay? I guess… If that makes sense to you, then ROWYBS… however, it makes zero sense to me – kind of like me saying “Who is this Jesus person anyways? Never heard of him or this alleged “New Testament” stuff. And even though I’ve never read it, I don’t like anything he said regardless… “


“This is one of the things that came up. (link) “Jack Donovan is gay, and it has genuinely fucked him up.”

Because everything on the Internet is true, right?

“Rather I should say he has reacted in one of the most dysfunctional ways imaginable as a homosexual male living in a culture that unfortunately often does not regard him as a man. He has become obsessed with proving that he is. And you can see it dripping from nearly every line he writes in nearly every one of his articles.”

Ah, the old “You don’t like homosexuals, so you must be one” argument, only turned on it’s ear. Yep. Heard that one plenty. But, you’ve seemed to have made up your mind about Mr. Donovan before having read any of his work and seem inclined to believe the worst scribblings out there without verifying anything…

So be it.

You read what you want. I’ll read what I want. If you have an author you like and who can counter Mr. Donovan’s points instead of ad hominem attacks, as well as putting forth good info that can be applied to a real world situation, by all means, post away…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1