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Well C – I have no idea what the heck I would be able to make to eat of what you would pack for the most part, even if I could forage greens. In winter might be rough around here greens wise. Ok so I could make a few things but God Bless you.

Never got in to the calorie counting/investigating food heavily. Nothing wrong with that and understand for many is critical. Thankfully, for now, I just try and listen to my body if it wants me to make a change or I get a craving for something. I know coconut oil is great but it isn’t native to where I live so …I don’t include in my diet anything that is not native to my area. Decided that long ago.

Doing the work I do now on the farm (a woman, 5’6″ and about 120 lbs) I need some serious calories or I drop weight fast like a rock.Winter I use fewer calories but not all that much. I am not a foodie by any means. I eat when I am hungry which is generally once a day. I don’t think about eating or food. My body tells me when it is hungry. Sometimes I don’t eat for a day or more and don’t realize it until I am abnormally hungry (ravenous) and realize how long it has been. Happens. I could eat the same thing every day with little problem.

Have a very basic diet of greens, onions, carrots, celery when I can get it, garlic, meat (no pork) and potatoes or barely or rice and lots of apples. Lots of apples. I love corn but limit it (if it is used to fatten pigs? – not good) I don’t like bread because it’s blah and it makes me crash. Rarely eat it. Don’t eat/like sweets (thank goodness). Don’t eat sugar because I don’t like sweet stuff by and large. Rarely use butter. Use Ghee. Eat lots of edible flowers, herbs and stuff as I am working in the gardens. Prefer distilled water. I can tolerate potatoes, the rice (unprocessed) and barely I grow but not breads. I eat a lot of potatoes. If I don’t eat the carbs with what I do to grow most of my own food and everything else I would weigh 80 pounds. That’s pre SHTF.

Each to his own. Every body is different. People have to realize that. But listening to your body is a must!