Mr. Red
Mr. Red

This is sort of the idea of the whole “Grey man”. Basically look like everyone else, not being bold/threatening, but still out in the space to see what is going on in your area. Pretty much what you’re doing is gathering intelligence and, somewhat, providing security/defence.

To put it more simply (and this is just my opinion, so take it for what it’s worth), your defence needs to be like an onion, in that it has several layers until you’re at the centre. Think of the centre of the onion as your home or where ever you’re at. If you’re group is out in the space looking like joe/jill average, kinda dirty, beard in full effect, looking a bit tired, bit hungry, BUT they’re seeing if there is any threats making their way around your AO, then you have the upper hand in that you KNOW they are there, but they don’t know that you are. Get what I’m saying?

If they are a clear threat, you would want them to not be close to your home should a fight go down. Mind you, your intel gathering team should not be the ones to engage the threat. Make a plan, do it right, so you don’t get caught flat footed against something bigger than you (again, thats where the grey man/look like everyone else comes into play).

Intelligence is a key aspect in this type of environment. Knowing what is happening around you is vital for security and defence.

Anyway, hope you all understand my idea of the grey man and of being out in the space to gather intelligence while being the average joe. Questions?

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