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Well KOS, I learned years ago how to manage my stress in my own way. Not everyone here is a Christian, but..for me…..and my beliefs (I don’t believe this is the only life I have lived or will live)…once I realize I am stressed I meditate in my own way – outside as I work with nature. I remind myself I am not of this world just learning in it and my personal faith accepts that worry (major stressor) is a waste of time and for the rest…I have the free will, thanks to my Creator, to choose how I will allow everything else impact me and my current life. I identify what I can change to relieve/remove the stress (most of the time it is a way of thought, which I of course can change myself) for everything else I have learned to ask ‘the universe’ or whatever to help resolve the issue – and trust that it will. Along the way I try to look for the lesson(s) to be learned along the way.

I’m sure your method will work for many people. Something about focused deep breathing frees the mind and emotions.