Why be in a hurry moving around ? haste may kill you or get you captured ( both undesirable ) . Seriously , unless somebody is on your heals , take your time . Move ………..then stop , look , listen , and smell . Observe animal behavior , that may tip you off if somebody is near or getting near . Then move again , carefully , then repeat . You dont want to be breaking a sweat going from point A to point B . I understand that we may need to get out of an area quickly , but once your out of the immediate danger area …………slow down .

I have a recipe for home made ” D ” rations . they are a high carb food with a good shelf life . They use oat flour , cocoa , and other things . Not bad tasting . You can order a plastic mold of the original WW2 bars if you were into that , but I found an ice tray works pretty good . It also gives you a more controlled amount . I will post it when I find where the heck I put it lol .