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Hi there all.

We are a family in co.clare Ireland and wish to know if there are other preppers from Ireland on this site? We live out in the country side, well hidden and have a vegetable garden growing our own veg. We had chickens, but when we re-home our dog after my son turned 1, foxes and pi-martins killed all our chickens. We are getting ready to built a big chicken pen as well as getting some rabbits in due time. We keep to ourselves though we see our neighbours and few friends time to time, no one knows our political views or that we are preppers. We also recently invested all our savings into an Army Surplus online store and in market trading and will be the first to market trade in Co.clare in Army surplus gear and equipment at most affordable costs.. We aim to slowly help people prepare without them knowing they are preparing, If ye get my drift. We feel the more prepared people become the lesser of a threat to the community they will be. We have a store room (unknown location separate from home) full of Army Surplus clothing, boots, petrol stoves, ammo boxes, cookery equipment, medical boxes, water bottles bug out bags, gas masks, tents, blankets, sleeping bags, food etc to kit out and supply the whole community and to trade with when the SHTF. I am even holding onto old baby clothes for that time to supply mothers in the community with fresh sets of clothes for their babies when SHTF. We are looking for potential trustworthy, team-playing fellow-preppers nearby to join. Anyone interested please contact me by business email address sales@armysurpluspioneers.com

Kind regards, stay safe and God bless you all