Hey c,

The fastest way to get hunting and fishing chops is to do it.

Mammals are all pretty much laid out the same, with the same muscle groups in more-or-less the same places… but don’t expect to read a book on deer hunting and then think you can go perform at the level of an experienced woodsman. Like everything else, it takes practice…

You might want to enlist the help of either someone or something. Busting a 200+lb deer is awesome. Throwing his bleeding carcass over your shoulders in a fireman’s carry and humping 200+lbs of dead weight back to where you’re set up to skin and butcher him? Not so much awesome.

So, use your head. A wooden kid’s sled – the bigger 2 person model – works very well in the snow to hump the carcass back. This year, I forwent the truck and used our tractor. Hooked up a crude rope system to the suspension arm of a post-hole digger (left off the drill part), drove out into the field, hooked up Brother Deer, hoisted him off the ground and drove back to the barn… easy peasy Japaneasy…

Easiest way to fish that I know of is to use one of those automatic fishermen… spring loaded. You set it, chuck the baited hook in the water, then go do something else productive. If a fish hits the bait, it trips the spring and sets the hook. I think they even come with a bell on them to let you know you got a fish. Pull up your fish, reset the hook and spring and go back to doing whatever… lather, rinse, repeat…

A trotline is easy to set up if you’ve seen it done once… set your line, go do something else, come back and check it… or a fish weir… it’s a “trap” made up of sticks poked into the mud. Fish swim in, but can’t swim back out.

If you’re noticing a pattern, it’s because I like maximum return on investment. I hate sitting with a fishing pole, wasting time trying to coax a fish to bite the hook… just set a bunch of traps, then go do something else. Periodically check the traps and collect your fish…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1