:) Oh yes, Malgus. Best defense is attack. I’ve been taught to drive. Forward – backwards. If you damage the vehicle the hi-jackers normally do not want it anymore anyway.
If he is next to you: If you window is open ( for some strange reason – for it should not be) And he points the gun in your face, you lift your hands and tell him you do not not want to fight. Our steering being on the right hand side – you grab the weapon with your left hand preventing the slide to move. And /or you pull his whole hand towards the floor of the passenger seat while you force you body forward, breaking his elbow And you start driving .. not even holding the steeling wheel.
Hope you guys get the picture. You also need to practice to to disarm someone that is sitting behind you. Take the weapon and shoot him through the seat. There will be more than one attacker. Best to learn all these things before things go bad.

To make things easier you can off cause have your own weapon. Malgus, it seams like the old, very effective comando system is “in place” again. We just call it Community Forum. Mostly in Afrikaans speaking areas, people volunteer to patrol and everybody assist people in need, being it a vehicle accident or attack. The armed response and private security still assist and provide training.

Tweva, I am surviving the economy for now. Clients still paying – but late ! Selling things. Making more good friends in case we do get stuck. Preparing for both somehow. Leaving and staying.
Campandpreppioneers, I am glad your business is up and growing. That is wonderful. The sun is not shining the way it is supposed to this time of year. But there is enough water and no excuse for fresh veggies.