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“”Now those are examples of how models are expressed externally. What’s going on internally? why did what just happened irritate you? What assumptions that you had just got stomped on? was the affront intentional or purely accidental? “accidental being defined as not knowing what someone elses model is and unintentionally stepping on sore spots. Are you just tired and cranky? these are all part of being aware. I was once about to put some guy through a wall when i saw a look of confusion cross his face. Instead of hitting, i stopped and asked, “hey did you mean…?” The guy looked shocked and said no. He meant it. I had been getting bent over something i attached significance to and he didnt.

This part of awareness is a personal thing. there is no way that its full application can be taught. It is something that is organic within you. You can get ideas and tools from all over, but in the end it is you who will have to do the work of increasing your awareness of other peoples models.

There is another aspect of awareness– what things mean or could mean. Since you are now so busy watching other peoples models, you will begin to see patterns in behavior. You can begin to spot what is normal for a situation and what is abnormal. If you have a rough idea of what is involved in a mugging (Animal~~if you have questions, go to a cop bar and strike up a conversation) you can begin to spot key ingredients. For instance if someone steps out of the shadows on a dark, deserted street, looks at you, and then slips back into the shadows, you know something is amiss.

This aspect of awareness is what will save your butt when you begin to use it in the face of crime. The average american citizen needs to be kicked in the crotch before they notice something out of their model. The “bad guys” know this and rely on it heavily. Most people do not look past the end of their nose. You’ve seen bushes before, so instead of paying attention to them, you slip back into thinking about your boss yelling at you earlier in the day. Except, in these bushes that you didn’t pay any attention to, is a mugger. Surprise, your caught flatfooted. If all you had done was added another step to your thinking, you might have been saved. That little step would go like this.

“bushes. anything out of the ordinary about them?”
Even a cursory scan might have turned something up, like say the crouching shadow with eyes.

By recognizing what was going to happen and/ or that something was out of the ordinary a few seconds before **** happens, (KOS~~ OIL *COUGH*), you can save your life. It doesn’t sound anywhere as easy as it is. You just need to add that little step. Begin by playing a game in your neighborhood. Look at a house and try to notice things that you haven;t noticed before (KOS~~ points at stick man video for training, and every single competitive video game) Try to notice things about people around you. Try simple things at first, like cloths, or the size of your favorite erogenous zone on other people. After a while, it will become fun.

The most important thing, is that you will begin to become more aware of what is going on around you. Like looks of interest from members of the opposite sex. that one came as a complete surprise to me, but i am not complaining (KOS~~ me either *points at paragon). “”

End quote *chuckle*
I want to thank animal in a deeply respectful way, and tho i have broken several rules and stepped on many world views, to which he would no doubt scold me for, i have no doubts that there are several people here or in the future who will find this enlightening.

Seething types could do me the honor of taking five days to really think about it, and please accept my sincere apologies for stepping on your world views. I have no choice but to go for the hard sell. time is short.

More to come, but i encourage you to grab the book if you can find it. Hes not popular *chuckle*.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.