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Datrex life boat rations, multi purpose emergency ration. Sub fiber pills if your worried about the lack in fiber, but theres lots of that out there 2.

18 bars at 200 cals per, 3600 cals total.

manufactured 04/12/april
expires 04/17

Fat 8.7 grams mono and poly unsats.
protien 2.8 grams (missing amino acids)
carbs 24.7 grams
sugar 5 grams
sodium .75 mg (life boat)
cholesterol .378 mg

Ingredients, wheat flour, vegetable shortening, cane sugar, water coconut, and salt.

its just my preference, the china man who sold me these *shakes fist* distributing in canada gave me these ones instead of the vitamin enriched ones i paid extra for *shakes fist*. He said the other ones tasted like bad.

Lovely when someone else feels the need to make decisions for you. No repeat business for you bub.

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