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Bruce lee ” my truth is not your truth, your truth is not my truth”

<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>c wrote:</div>(I do this because lean protein is easier to come by in the wild.)

absolutely, carbs however are not easy to come across. you dont want to be eating cat tails or inner tree bark every day believe me…

it takes a LOOOONG as time to build yourself up to eating 5 pounds of protein per day like the tough mother lovers who broke ground here.

your jerky cheese and pork are all protein :( you can find plenty of protein in the wild :( you cannot find abundance of carbs or fat. Try a cat tail, they are aweful and no substitute for oat meal, which is also awful.

don’t miss understand c. i believe as you do about processed foods. but as a male, i am more concerned about being domed by another male than living long enough for processed food to get me. if your diet works for you because of your medical needs, absolutely disregard everything i have said. but i hope you really think about it, instead of arguing over who is right for everyone.

i am sorry to disagree, its not a topic i am interested in fighting about. endurance is the name of the game in shtf, and endurance sport nutrition and learning how to carb load is essential to marathons. and yes, we bonk, but we are always eating.

i sincerely hope you try your bug out diet out for seven days straight. AND exorcize / practice cutting wood, gardening and hiking at the same time. *edit make sure someone is keeping an eye on you 4 if you encounter a medical problem.

you do not want to be fasting if you don’t have 2 if shtf… fasting comes after you have run out of food…

it feels like quiting smoking, it feels like going without water, it feels like starving.

regardless. really think about how you ration, it is life or death… and requires immense discipline.

malgus killed it in his reply, wish id have read it first, but i am posting this anyway.

test your diet out for seven days C.

p.s. id rather drink piss than eat an mre. both might kill you *chuckle*

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.