1 case of LRP rations , stripped down , other things store bought , that are ready to eat , that gives me 5 days food ., more if I dont eat full meals or find something to suppliment along the way . I figure breakfast and dinner will be spent in camp , lunch will be on the move . Im in good shape , I dont worry about weight , either I want to eat , or I dont ……….I dont want to forage from the get go , the pack gets lighter as you use consumables .

Historical note about fat in your body . When the Germans were in Stalingrad , seemingly able bodied soldiers would literally just drop dead , for reasons unknown . They flew in a medical specialist to find out why , after some autopsies , he found that there was no fat on the bodies . From that point on , they started issuing fat rations to the men , but by then , it was too late on several levels . The Germans were so traumatized by the eastern front , that even soldiers in the western front got fat rations issued .