If I can elbow in here…

Just moving around doing day to day things right now, requires a 2000 cal/day diet.

When I was Active Duty and deployed, we were burning well over 4000 cal/day just to stay mission capable and to keep going. That increased as things changed re: labor, weather, temperature, etc… at one point, I estimated I was pulling in and burning closer to 6000 cal/day… I eventually got sick of eating them so much and just went back to one per day. Serious energy loss, plus my BDU’s were hanging off me within a week. When we got back to “the world”, I weighed myself. Almost 30 lbs lighter.

Back in The Before Time, I heard that one military issue MRE contained 3,600 calories. I do not doubt that, but I also do not know if that is still true. They were also designed to “stop you up”. If anyone else here can corroborate, eating two MRE’s a day for more than a day or two will seriously throw off your “rythm”… I know just talking about it is distasteful, but it was not uncommon for us to go a couple weeks without… erm… “doing our business”. You get the idea. (Edit: The chewing gum in those MRE’s was rumored to have some sort of laxative in them… judging by the reaction of people who chewed the gum – versus the people who did not chew the gum – I tend to think that that particular rumor was true. If someone chewed the supplied gum, within an hour, they were doing the “Green Apple Quickstep”…)

Lipids and sugars are the things your body burns for fuel when doing serious work. Protein is what your body needs for building stuff – like muscle. Also to repair damage, etc.. Greens are needed to stay “regular” and provide vitamins/minerals. Don’t forget salt. Your thyroid needs iodized salt to make other stuff out of – stuff you need. Plus, salt and sugar form an electrolyte, which, since the human body is a bioelectric machine, you also need…

As far as ‘best load out’? I would probably carry the basics, concentrating on lipids and sugars, salts, etc, and dehydrated/dried stuff. Meat I can get pretty much anywhere. You’d be surprised what I’ve had to eat over the years.

A snake is just a big tube sock of meat. Groundhogs (aka: woodchuck, whistle pig, ground squirrel, land beaver) are marmots, in the same family as their tree dwelling cousins. Both are members of the same family: Sciuridae. Both are edible. Down here, with plenty of eats for them, they can get to be whoppers…. 30+ pounds. I’ve blasted enough of them over the years to know that this is solid gold truth. Shoot it, skin it, dunk it in flour and fry the crap out of it – just like a chicken – I doubt you’d notice or care what you were eating…

Meat is meat, no matter where it comes from. Even from critters you would normally turn your nose up at or consider pests.

Your 6 pound loadout?

Yes to the butter (salted), cheese and bacon. I hate coconut, so I’d probably sub in something else for those two. I would also add in some flour and dried stuff, as well as a small bottle of vitamins.

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