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You know, it is a funny thing, but people like me are more-or-less split down the middle between those who have/are/will/want-to-but-can’t-afford-to leave and those who say “This is my home, my ancestors left their homes for sad reasons once already, and their blood and bones lie spilled and buried here, and not a chance will I let godless people bully me out of this place; I’d really, honestly, rather put up a fight, and perhaps lose it, than run away”. That self-righteousness doesn’t make everything my people did in the past right. We did much wrong. But, on balance, we are coming a distant second in the shame and disgrace competition.

MB, if you read about the colonisation of South Africa, especially the period between, say, very loosely, 1800 and 1900, you will appreciate that our history makes How The West Was Won look like a Sunday School junior classes’ picnic. I say that with every respect, Mountain Biker. Please don’t get me wrong; I ask you in humility. But how our people established themselves here is in a different league to the colonisations of the USA, S. America, Australia, New Zealand, and so on. I remember watching movies as a kid and thinking “When is the real action going to begin?” because my frame of reference was South Africa. So, we, that is to say some of us, have an unusual ferocity about risking our families’ lives in this mess. This land was not merely bought with blood; it was bought with the blood of proportions of the population which simply cannot be compared to elsewhere. And did we wipe out millions in retribution, to tip the population balance in our favour, as was done elsewhere? No, we provided more electricity, water, and years of life, than any other country in Africa, to our “enemies”. That, notwithstanding the wrongful things we did. Let me admit right now that we were far from perfect. But really, we did a helluva lot better than anyone else, including and especially Africans, for Africans.

Perhaps we are being unfair on our children, as our ancestors were when they persevered after the massacres of umGungindlovu, Blaauwkrans, and Weenen, but we are stubborn about the justice of this matter.

There is a matter of profound right and wrong here, and I am staying to sort it out. Finished and klaar, as we say.

Whew, apologies if I got carried away, but you flicked a switch in me, and the stuff going on here now has many of us very worked up already. It’s cruel, and it has no “greater good” or ends-justify-the-means warrant whatsoever.

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