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Turn about seems to be fair play lol. I had to google that.

This is going to sound backwards. First off tho, is there a trapper in the audience? Hunting is an honorable sport (and fishing minus the mercury from china), but if its shtf, life or death, you really want to pal up with a trapper, and or learn as much as you can about the topic. The more the better. Most of the poachers i have run across aren’t exactly the nicest of people, but there not going to go hungry if shtf (i refer you to my post on salt, whirlibirds addition is a great option) hunters will, depending on lady luck and tracking skills. Competition for game depending on where you are will be fierce. Game wardens have their hands full as it is, post shtf, i don’t imagine there will be much anyone can do to stop the wipe out of game :( people are not going to wait until fall. They probably won’t wait for a buck, they will shoot whatever opportunity presents itself. 1 maybe 2 good years of big game, or none at all depending on where you are and whats happening/the event is. Forest fires are a big consideration for you and I in b.c. Animals get weird around smoke. You will be lucky to see a bird.

Judged by 12 vrs carried by six if its life or death.

Trappers know hands down, lots of storys of blood being spilt over trap lines. There will be fierce territorial competition between men who understand this. No doubt i will have a fan for saying that in the future. Sorry :( the more the merrier on the other side.

You really want to think about whether or not you want to risk moving around that much if shtf. I don’t think its worth the risk, or the waste in calories. Its better to store as much as you can now, than lean on your skills even if your are the absolute best forager you can be. those kinds of skills are great dont get me wrong, same thing with primitive skills. But id still rather a sharp knife over a sharp rock, know what i mean?

I do like your rations tho. Thats a hell of a lot of cals for six pounds. I am tempted to check your work.

heres where everything sounds backwards, i don’t have your background so bear with me. and please feel free to correct, (everyone).

everyone right now wants to be skinny, somehow somewhere along the line we where all convinced that mother nature had it wrong and fat is our enemy. 1 pound of fat, should = about 3300 cals, its easy to carry calories, mother natures way of saving our asses (haha) in the event of a famine, bad crop year, random ice age.

now it seems to me, that everyone has a different metabolism, depending on what body type they are (3 of them), where they are in life, and there current health. so it is incredibly important that you know your body type, and try to as best you can determine your resting metabolism, and your high metabolism during heavy exorcize.

men and women have different calorie/fat/protein requirements. Especially if a woman is pregnant. To anyone else reading, its up to you to learn, just like learning your blood type.

Now the way your talking about rationing, depends on a few important things.

1. how much fat do you have on you right now? be honest with yourself.
2. how much labor will you be doing today?

Most people require in or around 2000 cals per day, sitting perfectly still. That covers breathing, bowls, brains etc. Its not universal, just a guestimate.

light to heavy labor, typically requires an additional 100-200 cals per hour, on top of this. Light being walking, heavy being running for dear life with full combat ruck and sweating buckets. (this is a generalization, i can break the notes out if someone wants exacts)

If you find yourself, like i did my first practice run, rationing 1700 cals per day, that means your body is drawing the remaining cals it needs, from either your muscles glucose stores, or your fat. both will run out eventually, but not the way you might think.

when you run out of glucose stores, your going to find out where you are on the diabetics scale, you are definitely going to notice performance changes regardless. both in thinking, and in physical movement for you warriors.

heres the part where most people screw up with their diets and starve themselves thinking they are going to burn fat next. as soon as you run out of glucose and the body realizes it has nothing easy left to burn, you go into starvation mode :( your body is goin to start the initial phases of some very unpleasant experiences.

You do not want this to happen… until you are ready to experience what its like to be in a nazi death camp… all kinds of problems you did not know about are going to start popping up… especially if vitamin/min deficient.

In an ideal situation, you want to try to aim for burning 300-500 cals max of your fat reserves PER DAY. You have to get the rest from the food you are rationing. It takes bug out practices with excersize routines (simulating your daily logistic or combat struggles) to find out where you are, and the lovely part is… that changes over your life, its a tough one to get perfect, but try anyway.

The moment you run out of fat, is the moment you EAT MORE to compensate, ever aiming for where you think your current metabolism is. do not ignore this.

Depending on your individual circumstances, you will have to decide for yourself, whether or not you want to run a high metabolism (combat) or a low metabolism (survival) in a shtf.

keeping a low metabolism, means never ever breaking a sweat. If your sweating your working to hard, your temperature is up, and so is your metabolism.

if your stuck between a rock and a hard place, and sweating anyway, go hard and fast without worry, the numbers are to low to worry about.

your rations, have plenty of sodium, which is awesome.

the downside :( is that it is incredibly high in protein, unless your a native american, whos genes are used to high protein diets and low fat diets, you really have to be careful about your protein intake.

i have to break the notes out, im over tired and cannot recal exactly what its called. but to much protein over extended periods of time, if you have not built yourself up, and are used to it, can cause a poisoning, i just have a brain fart right now as to what is called. Pretty sure it has a lot to do with the kidneys ability to deal with (brain fart). i promise i will look it up.

its only a concern tho, if you are looking at a protein rich survival diet, with very few carbs. like what you would be facing here in b.c. if you run out of modern food supply.

this is unfortunately going to take a lot of people out :(

im not saying your rations are no good, there awesome, but you have to consider what the rest of your diet is going to be like. carbs are going to be more valuable than people think in an emergency. :( just like all that wonderful fat. (they are lying to us…)

heres the part where your probably going to disagree with me. you need to add complex carbs, carbs, and sugars to your daily rations for survival. oatmeal is great, rice is great (fortified) (in moderation because of the arsenic these days :( ), and chocolate is heaven i dont care if it kills me or whos leg got chopped off getting the bean.

The reason being, if you find yourself in a survival situation, as great as it would be to have the healthiest of products, like organic coconut oil, they just cannot replace the glucose your going to require to save your life in the short term whilst running from bears and bandits. Its a complicated process turning fat into glucose, if i am not mistaken (please correct if incorrect).

Under stress, its best to keep things simple for your body. This is just my opinion, backed by nothing.

rabbit starvation awaits those who ignore how valuable fat is.

My current ration load out (slaps belly) + 1200 cals x9 days or in heavy hiking 3 days at 3600 cals. Life boat rations. In combination with vitamin supplements and hydro lyte mix. They need very little water to digest, so i get to carry less water than i would require for a high protein diet to digest.

All in all i hope that helps, i will have to track that poison thing down for you after i catch some zzZZZ or someone could be so kind as to list below.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.