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  • It might work if it was in response to demand i.e. (only) if there are enough – according to whatever critieria/numbers make sense to Admin – members from a certain country who are interested in discussing their particular circumstances, then open one up for them. My country, South Africa, has many peculiar circumstances which make it difficult to relate to some of the topics/contributors here, because they are dominated by people/places who/which are not experiencing actual widespread civil protests, water system failures, electricity failures, government clamps-down on visas and guns, not to mention massive rates of crime and imminent threat to property ownership (the proposal for 50% non-white ownership of farms, and the re-opening of Land Claims). Talking about these topics, even if someone has limited experience of one or two, is not the same thing as being confroned by all of them daily (with all due respect to those like Selco who have).
    I am just a novice, but, for whatever it is worth, I’d be be very grateful if there was a South Africa page here.

    Nevertheless, thank-you for a brilliant site, I am happy to have found you and am learning.