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I said, I was interested in ultra-light packing. I don’t think we can really have a discussion about packing without taking about rations. :) Here’s my new emergency ration list for your inspection and considering.

Here’s my 6 pounds of rations that would last me 9.5 days to 19.1 days without supplementing with wild food. I know this ration list is extremely unusual but my previous experience with intermitted fasting tells me this ration list would work. This list will also go well with wild crafted greens, wild fish or game.

6 Pounds of Rations
1 pound homemade beef jerky (1860 calories)
1 pound butter (3252 calories)
1 pound raw hard cheese (1615 calories)
1 pound salted pork bellies or homemade bacon (2454 calories) (Collect the lard and reuse with wildcrafted foods.)
1 pound creamed coconut (3104 calories)
1 pound coconut oil (3910 calories)

PLEASE NOTE: I have not field tested these rations, but I still want to share some of my new thoughts on rations. My rations weight 6 pounds and have 16,195 calories. My goal would be to supplement with wildcrafted greens and fishing right from the start so my rations should last longer then the times stated below:

1. Based on 1700 calories a day, these 6 pounds of rations would last me 9.5 days without any supplementation from wild food. (I need about 1300 calories to maintain my weight but I added more calories because of predicted increased activity levels.)
2. If I did Every-Other-Day fasting (one day normal rations followed by one day of half rations), I would have 12.7 days of food without supplementation from wild food.
3. If I went on half rations I would have 19.1 days of food without supplementation from wild food. I would be losing weight fairly quickly on half rations.