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Very interesting. I have long been fascinated by the British class structure that ordered and constrained them. I would add that historically the church served much the same purpose.

This made me think about my school when I was a kid. Up through 5th grade I was perpetually bored and spent much of my time daydreaming because the class was moving so slow. I sometimes got in trouble for it too. Typically it would be something like the teacher would be having kids read aloud and I’d jump ahead and be done with the whole thing and oblivious to where the rest of the class was many pages behind me, and I’d get called on to read the next part except I had no idea where the rest of the class was. Same thing doing arithmetic. If we were doing times tables for example, I’d have finished up through 13X13 and then get called upon, me then not knowing the rest of the class is back at 5X7 or something like that. Boom, I’m in trouble again and standing in the corner or having to stay in during recess or some such thing. The teacher never seemed to care that I already knew all the material she was trying to teach the other kids. I was supposed to pay attention anyway. Starting in 6th grade they separated us by ability and then it wasn’t so bad because only smart kids were in my class.

Where we live now the old one room school houses were still in use up until 1970 or so when a modern school was built. One is across the way from my place and is currently used and maintained by the Boy Scouts. Should the system collapse and the little hamlet I’m in resurrect it, one of my contributions could be supplying it with an abundance of books.