Mr. Red
Mr. Red

I’ve made it a priority to befriend people who have a highly technical or valuable trade/skillset/knowledge. Personally I’m lacking in two major areas currently, being of an agricultural person (I want to be able to set up and run, efficiently, a small-medium scale ‘Old MacDonald’ style farm, if you get where I’m coming from on that) an a person with a high medical training (preferably an ER doc/nurse combo, and an army medic).

Currently to fill that gap I hold, I personally have some basic and intermediate first aid qualifications, as well as know EMT trained people. Also we’ve started some gardening, as well as have some friends who have chickens. I’d like to be able to get some chickens myself, as well as goats, rabbits, and a few other ‘Old MacDonald’ critters.

With regards to these people having specific/high level training, they obviously cannot pass on everything that they know. But, of course, they can transfer the key parts over to other people. Cross Training is a KEY. Say your only medical person gets killed, or cannot even get to your location, and you+your people are stuck without knowing how to do more than put on a band-aid, then you’re up sh*t creek without a boat, let alone a paddle.

I believe it was in the novel Lights Out, where the old farmer guy passes off what he knows to some of the people in their little community. That’s what we all need to do, and have done when possible.

Onto the weapons/equipment. Everyone should be on the same page with regards to weapons. If that isn’t possible because, say for example, the mechanic of your group cannot afford going with an AR-15 style rifle, then the next best option is a rifle that is cheaper (duh, Mr. Red), but it should use the SAME MAGS if possible. If that won’t cut it, next best thing is that it uses the same ammunition. That goes with sidearms as well. An example of this would be someone running an SU-16, or any other 5.56/.223 calibre rifle. (Or an SKS if your group rocks the AK platform).

Cheers mate, and hopefully the Lasik surgery does you good. Hopefully I can do that before the fan gets spattered with poopoo

Canadian Patriot. Becoming self-sufficient.