I am not some hard believer in having lot of gold as a solutions for something when SHTF, it is my opinion based on my experience. I might be wrong for some future events.
I would choose to have gold only when I am 100% sure that everything else that I have is on full capacity (and that is almost impossible).
Of course I have gold pieces for some situations, like bribe in specific situations or similar, but I simply put more effort in having goods like food, ammo, skills etc.
Popz, in real SHTF event there is no (or in my case there was not) “fair” value of gold. Value was determined by how hard you need something, how much gold you have, what kind of trader you are dealing with, how skilled you are as atrader and similar stuff.
Of course there was some value in determining how much cans of food you can get for golden ring that worth 150$ in normal time (example) but it was fluctuating a lot.
In that time people who did that (look for gold) knew is it gold or not, i guess by the look or “stamps” on jewelery. Another reason for having simple gold jewelery instead some rare things.