Your vehicle is your best weapon. Use it.

Someone plants themselves in your way – weapon or no – hit the throttle and aim for them. Problem will be solved if they move or not.

This whole “give the hijackers/rapists/thugs/goons/criminals what they want and they’ll go away and not hurt you” is a pantload… I do not know who started this craven, cowardly line of thought, but it has never worked and will never work.

I mean, really… couple 3 or 4 guys try to steal your car, etc, and out of the goodness of their hearts they will leave the only witness to the crime alive?


Too bad the old “Commandos” were disbanded… having a bunch of armed friends you can call on seems like it would be right handy, right about now…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1