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MountainBiker, that was very well said, and very thoughtful. I’m glad you see that the system — that took the vast energy of a whole generation of brilliant people — is unsustainable. We have used the productivity of a whole generation to glorify the state’s systems and structures. They are our pyramids and monuments to Ozymandias.

Many people that work for the state, do not see that they aren’t truly productive. Their government salaries come from tax dollars, that are taken by force from productive members of society. Yes, government workers do pay taxes into the system, but this is really only “recycled” tax money.

I come from a family of bureaucrats and government functionaries, so this observation above, has been personally very painful for me. We all want to think well of our families… Members of my family that administered their government subsidy programs, truly believed that they where doing “good works” for the poor, ignorant workers. They didn’t see or didn’t want to see, that their salaries, benefit packages, and later decades of pension income came from the productivity of these workers who would never have these kind of “benefits”.

The only people that seem to like subsidies are the subsidy seekers themselves… and the bureaucrats that are being paid to administer the subsidy. We have no idea what the taxpayers would have done with their productivity if it hadn’t be “liberated” by the state. Through the process of taxation, individual households have been impoverished in favor of glorifying the state’s systems and structures. At least if the taxpayers could spend their own productivity we would get the world that each productive person could build for him or herself. It would be a real world built on voluntary transactions between free individual rather than a world built by a small group of elites.

We could have had a very different world if the brilliant people hadn’t been taken by state’s bribes. Maybe your “crappy neighborhood” wouldn’t have been so crappy if your youthful creativity had not been taken from it. So, you mother wasn’t a hero. She was more like my principal, sending away the people that could have made her community a better, richer place.

So you might be wondering what this misanthrope would suggest. I would suggest people use their interests to drive autodidactic study. I would suggest people find a life in what remains of the capitalist system. Someone once said, “Capitalism happens in the cracks.” I would suggest that what little freedom and liberty that remains in this Fascist world, can be found there. I would suggest finding a life in the cracks.