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Kiwi25 – yes it IS so much work. And, I am very aware I am getting older…my body let’s me know in short order that though the mind is willing, and may have used to be willing…it is not any longer; i.e. go get some darn help woman!
So…through classes I have been having/got going and my business (yakking at customers) ha! I have discovered there are a lot of much younger, eager to learn folks out there that will actually come ‘help’ to learn. I have been getting a lot of things accomplished here this way…and for sure my body is grateful! Plus it’s fun. Youth brings an energy and enthusiasm with it that now takes me a lot of caffeine to reconnect with! My hands could no longer milk a cow. The miniature goat is about what my hands can handle without protest.

Glad you liked my story. That part of my life was useful for many things I can see now…at the time..not so much!