:) KOS ,
my sister has an Italian Greyhound ( turdhound ) , when I first came back to AZ from back east , she came over to my house to visit . My tom cat had not been in that house more than 3 days , for some reason my cat took a disliking to the dog , ran right up and started to beat the crap out of it . The dog didnt do anything wrong to provoke my cat . Embarrassed , I tossed the cat into a room and closed the door . Two days later , she went over to my other sisters house to visit , my niece was home for the summer from school , and brought her cat home . THAT cat beat up the dog !!!!………………….something about that dog that cats dont like lol . THe dog is harmless , and no bad habits . To this day , when my sister takes it out for a walk , it will chase rabbits , birds , you name it ……………but it sees a cat , it almost pees itself lol .