Another thing you can do , is to ” Sponge ” a dog . You get a sponge , soak it in bacon grease , let it dry out , then toss it to the offending dog . They will eat it , but wont be able to pass the sponge . Im not for animal cruelty , and would rather simply shoot it . But I know people that have done this and it works .

One thing that drives me crazy , are females that live in urban areas , who refuse to buy a gun . Instead they buy some little barking rat , even if they do buy a REAL dog for protection . They are over relying on that pee brained animal to keep them safe . When I talk to these people I try to be as graphic as I can as to why they need both a gun and a dog . I tell them things like this , ” I want to rape you , I hear your rat sized dog barking , I can tell how big the dog is by the voice ……….I know a cat could kick its a$$ , I have a gun , I know I need to act fast , so I kick in the door , shoot your dog , and then come after you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ………What are you going to do !!!!!!?????? Call the cops ? fine . By the time they get close to your house , I have your panties on the ground and a gun to your head …….what are you going to do ! ? ………….but if you had a gun , you could have shot me by now and avoided a life time of mental torment , your dog is not responsible for your safety , you are . ” Some of the time , they actually get it , and go out to buy a firearm , sadly most of them dont , and continue to rely on their dog , I call those people , future victims .