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MountainBiker, there are many ways I could respond to what you said, but I’m going to tell you a true story.

I was brought up in a small rural town in northern Canada. I used to have long conversations with the principal of the school. I spend a lot of time in the principal’s office… It’s not hard to see why. I didn’t take very well to state-run indoctrination and propaganda.

Even though this happened many decades ago, I remember this one conversation I had with the principal. He was talking about being mystified by what he called the “brain-drain” from his community. The school had tough intellectual standards, and thus many students from this small rural school left town and went to the nearer city to get a university education.

What surprised the principal was that the students didn’t come back. He was mystified that they didn’t come back with their higher education, and use their advanced education to improve his community. He was deeply saddened that his whole career which was founded on getting the best students to get higher education, was in the end destroying his town.

Years later, I started wondering what the town would have looked like if they hadn’t exported their best minds away to the city. The town also collected the “broken people” that weren’t suitable for intellectual activities. These people were basically discarded by the state-run school. They walked around like ghosts, without any hope for a bright future.

So life can be great when you are good at writing tests and submitting to authority. Such a person, will pay their dues and buy a place in the state-run system of monopolies… For the others, they are fat out of luck!