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c, advocating for homeschooling makes sense and given the trend lines public schools are taking I’ll agree it is a good choice for more and more people. Not everyone is in a position to exercise that option however. College on the other hand is essential for many careers. Self teaching is just not an option. My brother with a PHD in Scientific Engineering is a computational fluid dynamics expert and you don’t learn that just reading a book or tinkering in the garage. His wife with a Masters in Physics is a rocket scientist. You can’t learn that on your own either. Both have high level defense related jobs that required many years of schooling. You can be assured there wasn’t any politics in their courses of study. Physics and math courses don’t care about anything other than physics and math. Not being as smart as my brother my ticket out the neighborhood we grew up in was a degree in Business Admin followed by an MBA. For another brother it was a degree in Accounting followed by an MBA. Another became a lawyer, and one took a different route out by using a Criminal Justice major at a Community College to get into a Sheriff’s Dept. For my sister a Psychology degree landed her a good career with the Dept. of Defense. We all had to do it entirely on our own steam I might add. For all 6 of us, college got us out of where we grew up and into lives our parents couldn’t have dreamed of with their not quite 8th and 10th grade educations. We owed it to our mother who stressed the importance of education even though she didn’t have one herself. For me I just ignored any political leanings professors might have had that I disagreed with.

All the above mentioned careers will be useless of course if the Western world collapses. If I were a young person plotting out my path in life I’d look to be acquiring education in something useful in a post-SHTF world, and some of the options there require college too. Given ever escalating costs, fortunately many options do not require college.