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A piece of this whole thing that I find particularly distressing is the implicit approval of the looting and rioting on the part of Holder, Sharpton, the family and their attorneys. Holder thinks it was “disappointing”. No outrage or condemnation. No calls for prosecutions. It is disappointing when your football team loses. A stronger word might be more appropriate to describe rioting, looting and burning. The family & their attorney termed the rioting, looting, and burning as “things got a little out of hand”. I sure hate to see their version of things really getting out of hand. That many people have lost their livelihoods and property, the taxpayers having to now pay to replace burnt out cruises, that firefighters and police were being shot at means absolutely nothing to them. Before the riot actually began, the stepfather is screaming to the crowd “burn it down” and the family & attorney dismiss it as him just being a little emotional. The last I looked it was illegal to incite a riot. I understand how the family can grasp upon a different version of events with the actual shooting but they dismiss the video evidence of him robbing the store and roughing up the owner as simply their son wouldn’t do that. I can assure you, you’d of never heard “not my boy” from my parents,nor would you have heard it from my wife and I as concerns our kids. Growing up we were held to account for anything we did, and my kids were too.

I wish I knew what the answer was.