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Nicholas Butler once said, “An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less.” That’s doesn’t sound like the qualities for resiliency to black swan events or SHTF.

I have started seeing the university as a training, and breeding grounds, for statism. In fact, by liking the process of formal schooling, and paying for the privilege of getting a “higher education”, you are showing your submission to authority… AND you have been promised rewards for your submission.

Actually, by going to university you are paying for a “license” to apply for certain government positions. This is called the “undergraduate degree”. To get the “license” to apply for higher level government positions you will be required to show further submission to authority and get the “graduate degree”.

Your most important quality is not your intelligence — though that is important — but it’s your ability to submit to an authority figure over a long period of time. By time you leave the state-run school system, you will have had 12 years of secondary and post-secondary education, plus 4 years of undergraduate education and 2-3 years of graduate or specialized education. That is a lot of submission. You are completely bought and paid by the state and your thoughts have been completely sterilized… AND you think you are really something really special.

So go ahead, take the easy way out and put your children into the state-run school system. It’s easy and everyone is doing it. You will be patted on the back by your neighbors and friends. You will be “normal”… AND your children will be primed and ready for finding their place in “the system”… OR you can choose something else.