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lol@Brulen….. Clothes changing or route changing if it is during our “Construction Season” here in the PNW.

Over 100 years ago there were even more devastating climate based events to include tsunami/tidal waves, floods, hurricanes, etc. Unfortunately no climate models that scientists use to “prove” their hypothesis include this information in their charts when talking about “global warming.” If they do, they skew the numbers in their favor and call it “data norming.”

We can debate the whole concept of “global warming” all day and some true scientists do, right before they get treated like Galileo and locked up for going against the religion of “Climatology.”

I just wish the following:

1) Those that are trying to prove man’s affect on the climate would not skew their numbers to prove their hypothesis. It has ruined the credibility of the entire field of study.
2) That it had neve become political and a basis for fleecing “citizens” and “subjects” out of their tax dollars.
3) And finally that those studying the fields of natural science that deal with climate and weather would actually use all available data to help prove their hypothesis and maybe get an actual theory or two that could help us do things like predict devastating weather events…. That would be nice.

That video is impressive, however….. Those ice chunks calving like that must have been absolutely life changing to see. I had not seen that particular video, so thank you for posting that footage.