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it is not the closest to the sun.. but it is the hottest in our solar system…


Sun = burner
“”Venus(=PAN) has an extremely dense atmosphere, which consists mainly of carbon dioxide (= oil)and a small amount of nitrogen.””

LOOK at the fighting this **** causes.

I understand people will not move when they decide on something, and state it publicly. But we are up **** creek here… they have pretty much lost the reef in australia, and the people of that country have a gov (like mine………) that is passing laws preventing them from showing valid evidence…. hence the demonstrations at g20… (and for the record, russia claiming its war ships off the coast being there for “climate research” was hilarious. Almost as good as canadas, russia. not russia map).

our eco system is a house of cards… and it is very very sensitive.

( i have absolutely no faith in winning this debate, or the species in pulling through, but when cockroaches sift through our ashes hopefully they learn from our **** ups. )

*slow clap*

that **** that popped up recently about planets warming up, is ALSO an observation, we have zero SCIENCE explaining why…. science requires scientific method, to prove facts… when people say we have science, people just take it as facts, it makes it easy to sell diet pills ffs… rrrrRRrrrrr

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.