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Anytime there is money on the table, just assume there is a **** ton of mis information out there. Dissension is easy to generate.

As soon as that ass hat gore started calling for taxes people pulled back like junk in a cold shower… (predictable response………)

I hate taxes 2, and they wont make any fkn difference with what we are doing.

There is absolutely no debate about the science of the green house effect. There is a planet in our solar system right now demonstrating for us, in the extreme…

You can debate the climate statistics all you want, that is not science, it is an observation.

Couple volcanoes going off, or a limited exchange of weapons and you can use up the rest of the oil and coal as fast as you want. (Volcanoes do not cause warming… they do release gases… but its mostly about the silicon ash, that reflects radiation… *edit CO2 is like oil in a frying pan, it holds onto heat… thats why the oil gets hotter… than the fking pan…) In my prime i could pick up a frying pan for a second no problem… but one litttle itty splash of oil can send a chef to the hospital.

Not taking responsibility now, will lead us to where it takes extreme alchys and junkies.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.