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I keep two bags close to me, ones the bob, the other is documents cloths and other stuff to help me past the 3 day kit. (laundry soap, resume’s etc).

Even tho we are insured the first two things through my window are the bags. In case of fire, or whatever.

When the gangs in prince george can’t get their hands on a gat, they like to use fire for their turf war. Same thing with the junkies at the local H.A. crack house. Cops just let it burn the last time it happened.

Art of war by tsun tzu talks about fire more than once. The chinese are using that as a business guide these days, very popular book over there.

As far as fire defense goes… distance is your friend, but it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure out a way to launch a fire ball, especially if thats a favorite way to kill time by your locals. Controlling territory around your house… becomes a little more rational idea when you consider that… because if your neighbors house goes up, heat can cause your house to go up, even at what you would consider to be a great distance.

A full face respirator may buy a person a minute… probably no more than a minute in heavy toxic house smoke, i will ask the fire crew when they get back from their meeting tonight. But you have to have special filters for dealing with gases and other toxics.

*edit there saying less than a minute, probably a good few breaths, especially if you stay low, apparently smoke in the eyes doesnt help, so full face is a good option if you don’t have your own air. IMO it comes down to your filters, a p100 is no good for gases, just dust/mold that kind of thing. there are p100’s that have extra parts on top for toxic gases. and just for the record anyone thinking about buying an old ww1-2 mask, but especially filters. the military back then considered it a fair trade of time on the battle field and used sometimes toxic filters. so buyer beware at the surplus stores, might live today and die tomorrow.

A minute should be all you need to grab what you love most and gtfo. Smoke inhalation gets people before fire does. *edit thankfully…

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.