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people in power know exactly how other people work. when they talk about gun control, they know exactly what people are going to do, buy more guns.

when they get on the t.v…. and say what they say… they know exactly what is going to happen, it is predictable… ppl will say i am nuts for pointing this out… this very small fire has the potential to spread vastly… the problem is not going to get better, because we have not changed the underlying issues… poverty… they disbanded the cops there before, and now the new ones are just like the old…

and to leos reading… i absolutely would have dropped the kid 2… he was close enough to stick the cop, nough said.

to the people on the other side of the fence of that argument, i get the anger… but anger makes people stupid, even the very brightest of them. and you can’t have a rational conversation if your so pissed off that your ready to “burn it down”.

the story on the mainstream media, is going to make it worse… there is no peacefull solution to this dilema, it has to run its course like a thunderstorm.

trying to deflect, whats going on is only going to piss people off. and the next time there is a shooting, doesnt matter who is in the right, or where it is, it is going to be a domino effect.

watch… we are dealing with people who can think ten years ahead. its no secret that war stratagie works like that… they can even predict casualty rates…human behavior is predictable.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.