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Wow…. I am amazed by this hate for college and education. I personally worked my hind quarters off to get a bachelor’s while on Active Duty in the military. I then used my benefits to go get 2 master’s degrees. I find the following when it comes to college:

1) A bacheor’s degree is designed to teach you how to complete tasks, no matter how mundane. It also demonstrates to perspective employers that you can complete any number of tasks set forth for you.
2) A master’s degree is designed to teach you why these tasks are completed.
3) A doctorate is designed to teach you new ways to complete the tasks.

No matter what, I find that those that did not take school seriously or those that did not have the aptitude for college always try to put those down that did well in college. I feel that it is a jealousy thing.

No matter why there is this distaste for higher education, being able to learn things independently has been a very valuable asset. Unlike many people that are supposedly “self taught,” I don’t need someone to show me how to do something. I can actually read a book…..

As for the video, I have always been surprised as to how well our education systems ignore history or rewrite it. It truly is scary how many people have no idea as to how we ended up in SW Asia to begin with, the origins of our 2 party system, or why the Middle East hates us so much…… Just a couple of examples. At least this video is animated. This will draw a bigger audience, but without pop-ups? Hmmm. It does need a few large breasted female cartoons and man hating comments to increase its circulation more.