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Do not get me started on the uselessness of a college degree. College cost me the job I had and has never helped me to get a job. In fact it has hindered my ability to get a job and promotions a few times and has saddled me with $45,000 in debt I will never be able to pay back unless I either win the lottery or have a long lost rich relative die and leave me a pile of money.

A little advice for anyone who simply cannot get along without wasting time in school. Do not get a GPA above a C no matter how easy the course work is. A 4.0 GPA will pigeon hole you for life and no one will hire you. Remember, the guy interviewing you probably passed with a B at best and if he thinks you are smarter than him you will not get the job or the promotion.

I have literally had interviews end when they found out my GPA was a 4.0. I was told I was too smart for the job. Now I lie about my GPA and act like a moron if I want the job. That is far more successful than showing that I am actually qualified for the job.