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KOS; I watched with interest the Stanford experiment that you provided the link to. At about the same time frame(1971) a high school teacher in the Midwest conducted a similar experiment with their high school class. I only know of this experiment because a friend of mine was in the class. The teacher stated that it was a fact that Blue-eyed people were dumb, stupid, and should not be allowed to participate in class activities as NORMAL people were. I don’t know if the students were told that it was an experiment or not. Within a day of the start of this statement, my friends grades went from B’s and C’s to D’s and F’s ( she was one of the Blue-eyed students). Although she had been a popular student,she was ostracised from activities, not only by fellow classmates, but by the student body. She no longer recieved phone calls from her non-blue-eyed classmates, not invited to go shopping etc,etc,etc. She became withdrawn, rebelious, and resentful. I do not know how long the experiment went for but I do know that it affected my friend for the rest of her high-school career.