Just a note: Iodized salt is valuable for food, keeping people far from the sea from getting goiter.

BUT it is not recommended for canning, salting hides etc. Be sure you store up some plain (canning/pickling/preserving) salt as well.

And KOS is SO right. Salt is an important and relatively costly commodity in some remote places even today, usable for money. Sources are protected seriously.

In fact, historically, one of Ghandi’s huge protests in the 40’s involved Britain’s control of salt in India, where high temperatures made it even more essential for life. He instigated making their own salt at the seashore, which brought soldiers down upon his people. (We visited a sea salt evaporation area in Andhra Pradesh last year.)

Remember stories of Dan’l Boone’s discovery of a salt lick for the people he was leading to Kentucky? I know that Syracuse NY (formerly Salina NY) was the site of salt mines and much of rural Upstate has high salt content in their water. Keep this in mind if you live in that area.

Meanwhile, as Mountain Biker says, store it up. It doesn’t go bad. Just keep it dry.