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I watched the announcement last night and then for a couple hours more after that, and it was clear that the crowd had no interest at all in hearing any of the evidence which I thought was well presented overall. That some of the “witnesses” with the most outlandish versions perjured themselves meant nothing. Theirs was the version that the protestors wanted to hear. We all filter reality through our own lenses and that’s OK, but it is not OK to use something like this as an excuse to riot, burn, and loot. The cultural divide is vast and has been made worse by ‘Bams and Holder. “Bams was clearly unhappy with the verdict and it will only be taken as more encouragement by the wrong elements. I hold him and Holder partly responsible for what happened last night in that they took sides early on last August which only served to cement the perception that Officer Wilson was guilty of murder. I understand Michael Brown’s family want to think of him as completely blameless. Most parents would, and they did repeatedly appeal for calm which was great, but it was too little too late.

What happened last night has happened before and so it was not an anomaly. In various threads here there have been discussions of neighborhoods and communities working together for mutual aid and support come SHTF. The larger the setting the more difficult that becomes but what we saw last night all but guarantees our urban areas will quickly descend into war zones in which fires will rage unchecked and violence is instigated simply for the sake of violence.