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That and not being walking distance from 4 established gangs, & h.a. in prince george, and the one group around here refered to by the locals as neo nazis. not to mention all the drunks/hunters.

not sure what the police will do, but from what i understand they have the sports store owners back in pg. hes a good guy, asked us to make sure we had plenty of food during the syria crisis last year.

ill grab an od six if i can find one cheap. force multiplier ftw.

sounds bad, but i kind of hope the Mormons in the area buy me some time. They don’t exactly keep opsec about their 2 year end of the world supply. and no i do not mean to imply me, raiding them, just that scum goes for perceived weak targets first.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.