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I don’t go ‘looking’ for other preppers. I started to hold free classes at the local firehouse on different subjects; how to can, how to build a bee hive, etc. From those that come, actively participate, suggest other classes or offer to share a skill in a new class I have been able to meet a surprising number of people with useful skills (who knew – some are very talented!) that are local to me; and, from there, get to know them better further. Even if I wouldn’t want to bunk in with them it’s very useful to know who has what skills in your community.

Those that mention they have some ‘project’ they are working on/have coming up/could use help with: repairing a chicken house), throwing up hay bales, bush hogging a field, putting up the butchered meat from a hog – I offer to help if I have time. My pay has been more friendships and some pretty darn good meals! Now my drive/barnyard gets plowed by an assortment of local friends without me asking (for example), a phone call or two and a new friend comes that knows more about cattle than I do at this point, shows up and hauls them to auction with a smile and a wave.

Slowly I am having a much more clear picture of where I would fit, those that would fit with me in a SHTF type scenario.