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I have set aside a lot of salt. Cheap and won’t go bad. I’m one of those folks that adds salt to everything except sweets, plus it’ll come in handy for curing meats. And before anyone tells me salt is bad for you, I also eat several eggs a day and plenty of high fat stuff (bacon, beef, hot dogs, mayo, a couple pounds of medium & high fat cheese per week, and so forth) and only use real butter (salted of course) to fry things, but I try to go low on non-fruit/non-veggie carbs. My cholesterol is about 150 and my blood pressure 120 something over 70. This summer I had an EKG and stress test and was told I had the heart of a 40 year old. I take no medications whatsoever for anything which isn’t too shabby for someone 61. I’m going to a BJ’s tomorrow. Think I’ll buy more salt.