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Tolik, we’ll have to agree to disagree. In Maryland, my brother is forever looking to hire people with Masters in Computer Science, Math or similar degrees for high security defense work that precludes non-citizens being considered. Physics and certain Engineering degrees too. Most of the people coming out of our colleges with Masters in these disciplines are foreigners. These are high paying jobs and there are always openings. In Massachusetts where my son works, which is also high security defense work that precludes non-citizens, they are always looking for folks with undergrads in these disciplines, but they have trouble recruiting young people because they’re located in the boondocks. Also high paying jobs. These are all big operations. My 21 year old niece with just an Associates degree in Criminal Justice just got a job with a County Sheriff’s Dept. in New Jersey. Even without overtime she’ll make $60-70,000 a year and with overtime can make substantially more. A few years ago when my daughter was a newly minted teacher in North Carolina with a Masters in Education she got the 1st job she applied for because it was in a fast growing suburban area in great need of teachers. At the time local school districts were sending recruiters up to Michigan looking to entice teachers to move to NC. Hospitals were sending recruiters to Michigan looking to entice nurses to move there too. An economically displaced neighbor went back to school in his late 50’s to become a nurse and got a job upon graduation at an age where many say nobody hires anyone at. A friend in a similar economically displaced position in his late 50’s went and got his insurance license, got a job quickly, and is doing well. Where I used to live in MA there are some high precision manufacturers who struggle to find people with the basics needed to train them on modern computerized machining equipment. There are real jobs that pay well out there for those who will get the necessary education or training. The path isn’t so easy as it used to be but there is a path.