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I agree most current professions, including what I did for my entire working career, will be useless if the economy collapses or we otherwise implode. This is why I have been learning some practical skills these past few years, and it is why I moved to where I did. In addition to our specific skill sets, something important that folks like us will bring to a post-SHTF situation is that we’ve already made the mental adjustment. We’ve known something is coming and won’t be like deer caught in the headlights. I’ve already thought about the resources in my little hamlet and what some of our options might be if we are to organize for mutual protection and aid. I’m sure others here have done the same.

That said my earlier posts concern the pre-SHTF world where though it is far harder than it used to be, I maintain that folks can still do OK in this distorted and manipulated economy. It is definitely less forgiving than what used to be but it can still be navigated.