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imagine if you will for a moment, that you have a kid, and that kid has been kidnapped after school, and the kidnapper wants to buy time by getting the kid to call mommy and say there gonna run late.

the kid counters by saying over the phone “mommy don’t worry, i will be home in plenty of time to feed lucy”.

red flags for mommy, we don’t have a dog or cat named lucy.

mom and dad begin tracking kids path from school, locate a creepy looking van parked near by, open an unlocked door, rescue the kid and pedo goes for a long ride with daddy to daddys gold claim.

its best to pick a word or phrase that will not alarm the aggressor, and one that won’t be used in casual conversation.

cops use it, army uses it, intels use it. saves lives.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.