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Mountainbiker, youl never hear me call you preachy in an insulting way. I get that enough in real world. I may have had a rough childhood that scrapped those prime years to learn spelling and grammar habbits ( i know how, but speed is more valuable to me), i m ay have dropped out of high school despite being gifted in math, (at one point in time, boy do you lose it if you don’t use it… boy do you ever…)… but thats because i knew work and money asap was important… and there was zero chance of being debt free… on the education front… bunch of doctors ruined it for everyone by going to school and declaring bankruptcy immediately afterwords.

the only professions that matter are post disaster ones…protection, medicine, bush craft (hunt/trap), rifle making/maintenance/bullets, people management… there are many more… i would even include programming, tho good luck getting a job unless you figure out a way to market porno better.

there are many many more of course so don’t feel i was being a dink leaving you out if yours is not up here.

i know one thing we don’t need in a post disaster world… money crunching fat cats paid to loan the poorest of the poor money, to destroy the hard working mans future.

america stood up to this **** soundly. and they countered by encouraging mouth breathers to breed, and now it doesnt matter what you vote for… *rant rant* *shakes fist* runs* hides*

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.