Thanks for the ginger beer recipes! Loved Bundaberg Ginger Beer when I visited ‘me Mum’ in Australia…and had a recipe from a lady in the Glasshouse Mountains which I lost during one of our many moves. It had yellow Sultana raisins in it which is all I remember, and she fermented it under her Queensland cottage so nothing would get ruined when a bottle or two popped. I want to try some of these recipes!

BTW We are blessed with 4 bearing native pecan trees on our tiny lot. Shade, tasty food, plus possible survival meat from the many fat squirrels should the occasion arise ;). I also found a huge Burr Oak not far from here with equally huge acorns. Harvested and ate some last year just to learn–they are excellent sources of carbs and fats. Not especially flavorful, a mix of faint nut/mushroom flavor after leaching. Great in multi grain breads, or with corn meal in Apache Pancakes. And I dried some of the chopped, leached acorns for later use.