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MB sorry – long day
We drive over them to remove husks. Then you remove the hull from the shell (shells don’t generally break even run over by truck) Use this nutcracker (works the best of all we first tried) to crack shell. Thing is – it is very difficult to get a full, intact piece of black walnut meat out of the shell. Now matter how careful. Just so you know and don’t think it is only you when it comes time to pick em. Tedious job but if you do with someone else it keeps hands busy while talking. I use a hoof pick (clean) cause I can hold the handle easier and it goes quicker than a regular nutpicker or nail. Can get more omph behind it. Hoof picks at local coop for cheap. Maybe because they are oilier than english walnuts. Then we put them in mesh bags (like onions come in – can get from uline) and hang them up to dry out.

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