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HA! P/A personalities…I could write you a book. Had/have some prime examples of P/A personalities in my life. Fortunately, I am very direct. (which oft times is, alone, enough to set off the P/A behavior – because they are anything but yet wish they could be – just haven’t learned how (insecurities hold them back you see). I may not like confrontation (who does – really ) I don’t shy away from calling a spade a spade. But with PA’s, with experience- you learn all their little ways. Then totally ignore them, look them straight in the eye – raise one eyebrow and say nothing and wait…… or often times, in a very calm, direct, quiet voice let them know in no uncertain terms you recognize their behavior (based in hostility) – you reject it – refuse to be manipulated – then walk away and ignore them . I am totally unwilling to expend time and energy playing games of that sort. Let them know loud and clear in a calm, controlled manner and poof.They will redirect their hostility issues elsewhere very quickly.

I had this bookmarked – it’s fairly good read o topic if it helps you KOS