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MountainBiker: I have harvested Black Walnuts and you are correct, they are hard. What we do is to set them aside for several months until the green outer husks turn black. After they turn black, lay down old newspapers or some kind of sheeting and then tap them with a hammer. the outer husks will turn to powder but will come off easily. Then lay the walnut on a vise or other solid surface(we use a piece of railroad rail ) and then break the walnut with the hammer. You can dig the meat out with a nail or a nutpick. Yep, very labor intensive, but so worth it. By the way, when the nuts are still green, you can rub the green husks over a scratch in your furniture and conceal the scratch. If you do try that, I would suggest you try it first in an inconspicous place to see if it meets with you or your significant others approval. Ron S